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Q) What is Hypnosis? 

A) One of the biggest misconceptions that factor into one's understanding of hypnosis for childbirth is misunderstanding what hypnosis actually is and what it isn't.  Immediately, many of us think of what we have seen in stage shows or in the movies or on tv.  Please understand that Hypnosis has been recognized by the British Medical Association (1955), American Medical Association (1958) as well as theAmerican Psychiatric Association (1961) for its application in the world of medical science.  I encourage you to browse the Learn About Hypnosis of this site for more detailed information.

Q) Hypnosis for Childbirth?  How does it work?

A) Please read the article "Hypnosis for Childbirth - What is it & How does it work?"

Q) What about success rates?  Are you saying I'll have a pain-free birth?

A) Although the Hypnobabies success rate is the best that exists in the childbirth hypnosis field, I cannot promise you a completely pain-free birth experience. Around 70% of moms who use Hypnobabies report painless/very comfortable birthings with another 15 - 20% saying their births were not painless, but still quite manageable.

There are many things that will affect your success, especially your choices in childbirth and your commitment level. If you take your Hypnobabies training seriously, practice your hypnosis cues, and continue to do your maintenence work until the baby comes, you will be amazed and thrilled with your birthing and create fascination and happy surprise all around you as you use your Hypnobabies techniques! If you do the Hypnobabies program as outlined, you have a very good chance of having a comfortable birth. Hypnobabies works, so work the program! 

Q) Will I be able to move around and be awake, and aware of my body and my baby during my labor, using hypnosis?

A) Absolutely! Being in Hypnobabies’ “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis" is not like being asleep or detached from the sensations of your baby’s birth. You are awake and aware of everything going on around you, and you experience baby’s every movement. You remain deeply in hypnosis, confident and calm, even while moving and changing positions. Your Hypnobabies hypno-anesthesia allows you to experience all the power of childbirth without the discomfort.

Q) When is the best time to take Hypnobabies?

A) Anytime!  Some women choose to start earlier in their pregnancy allowing them lots of time to practice the techniques; after you complete the Hypnobabies program, you are given a maintenance program consisting of one script or CD every day until your baby comes.  Some women prefer to start a bit later (around the beginning of the third trimester, 28 weeks or so).  It is completely a personal preference.  It is important be honest with yourself and ensure that you will remain committed to the maintenance program (whether it's for 3 weeks or 3 months). 

Q) Should I take Hypnobabies or schedule personalized hypnosis sessions?

A) Whenever I am asked this question, my first recommendation is always that if you have enough time to complete Hypnobabies (min 6 weeks) to go that route since Hypnobabies incorporates Gerry Kein's techniques PLUS even more cues, tools, visualizations, high-quality & complete childbirth education (knowledge is power), tips for major birthing decisions (choosing compatible care providers, birth team, place of birth, setting up the environment, etc)...all *very* relevant information that together gives you all the knowledge as well as the hypnosis tools you need for a really great birth!  Individualized hypnosis sessions are a great option for anyone who doesn't have time to complete Hypnobabies.

Q) I JUST learned about Hypnobabies - is it too late? 

You must have at least the 6 weeks to complete the Hypnobabies program (the absolute latest start is at 34 weeks).  I have had a few hypno-mammas start my class at this 34 week cut off and have wonderful births!  If it is "down to the wire" - you must be super committed to your daily practice! 


Q) What if there is a good chance that I'll be having a cesarean birth?

A)  Sometimes, these little buggers have their own plans and we must recognize that and be thankful that we have the resources needed in these situations.  Hypnobabies can be very effectively used in a cesarean birthing situation and there is even a "My Cesarean Birthing" set (available through the Hypnobabies Network) for those mammas who are in a position where cesarean birth needs to be planned in advance.

Q) I'm very FACT and EVIDENCE minded.  Is this type of program for me?

A) The Hypnobabies program includes an extremely comprehensive childbirth education program.  We cover everything from the importance of diet and nutrition in pregnancy, common interventions (including evidence-based research on benefits, risks and natural alternatives), optimal fetal positioning, natural comfort measures for common pregnancy issues, the use of birth balls, positions during labour, the benefit of movement and upright positions to post-partum planning and new baby care (please see the Course Outline for more details).  It really is about birth empowerment.  When we have all the information we need, we are then able to make the best decisions for ourselves and our babies.

* We learn a different hypnosis technique every week at  the end of class - the same techniques that people employ when preparing for surgery.  I encourage you to explore the Learn About Hypnosis section of this site.

Q) What if my partner won't be involved?

A) No problem!  Hypnobabies offers a "Single Mothers" student set for women who are doing the program on their own.  I also encourage women to bring their doulas to class with them as their birth partner (and have even had couples where dad is there for the education but the doula is there as the hypno-partner!). 

* Skeptical partner?  Not surprisingly, what I see most often is that once misconceptions are addressed and people have a really good understanding of what the class actually is, these 'skeptics' are transformed into the most enthusiastic participants!

Q) I've given birth before; do I need to take the full program? 

Yes.  There are always things to learn when it comes to childbirth education or even to reinforce what you already know.  The most important thing about the Hypnobabies program is that you are taking the time to prepare for this birth and to bond with this baby.  Each baby & each birth is unique; a woman will birth each baby differently.  It is important to recognize this and dedicate time to this baby & this unique birth experience.

Please note: Hypnobabies has also created a Home Study program for those who may not be able to take a live class

Q) I already know a lot about birth - do I need to take the full program?

Yes.  Whether your knowledge has come through giving birth yourself (and having taken a prenatal class in the past) or through life or work experience (supporting family members or friends during their births or being a birth professional yourself) - there is always a chance that some new information will be learned or that more information will be absorbed this time around.  For birth professionals, it is always nice to reinforce what we already know and also, perhaps a different perspective might be gleaned. 

The childbirth education is just one component of the entire Hypnobabies program and the birth professionals who have taken my class (including obstetrical care providers) have definitely enjoyed allowing someone else to relay the information to their partners!  Dedicating the time to your baby and planning and preparing for your birth in itself is so important!
Please note: Hypnobabies has also created a Home Study program for those who may not be able to take a live class


Q) Why Hypnobabies?  What about other hypnosis for childbirth programs?

A) We are asked many times what is the difference between Hypnobabies and other natural childbirth or birth hypnosis programs, and here we answer that question.

Q) How often do I have to practice?

A) There is a daily commitment.  Hypnobabies requires that you commit to spending 30-45 gloriously relaxing minutes a day; this is the reason Hypnobabies Moms enjoy such high success rates. 

During these wonderfully relaxing minutes, you get to enjoy taking some time for yourself in preparing for the birth that you deserve to have and can easily achieve (when you have the right tools and information at your fingertips).  If you are doing the program with your partner, it also gives you both a reason to take 30 minutes each day to spend time together.


...when we think of all the time we spend daily on the internet, texting, watching tv, etc it hardly seems like a big 'sacrifice'...especially when we realize that we're doing this not just for ourselves, but for our babies; to ensure that they have a loving, gentle welcome into this world. 

If you want a natural birth and are willing to commit at least 30 minutes a day to preparing for the amazing birth that you deserve to have; so that you can approach it with confidence and the tools needed to be comfortable and actually ENJOY the process...this absolutely is the program for you!


Still have questions? 

I encourage you to contact me so that I can provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for you.

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