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Are you having another (Hypno)baby?

The longer I teach this program, the more often I'm contacted by past students who are expecting baby number 2...or even number 3! 

Are you looking for guidance as to what your options are for having the best chance at making this subsequent birthing just as amazing as your first Hypnobabies birth? 

Very Important

It is not possible to simply listen to a few of your old tracks occasionally & get the results. Those who just do this end up being sorely disappointed. For the full benefit, you will really want to retrain your mind. I always tell people to be honest about the amount of effort that they put into the program when setting their expectations - and this applies whether it's your first time doing the program or the tenth! 

You can read this article for more detailed information about this. 

You DO have choices! 

I am more than happy to support you in repeating your Hypnobabies practice. 

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