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Hypnobabies for Birth Partners

We did it!

This is my husband and I, shortly after the birth of our second Hypno-baby. 


Yes, WE did it ...

I remember the vulnerability. 

I remember my husband worrying about being the only person in the room at the birth who wouldn't know what was going on or what he could do to help me. 

This is one of the main reasons that we drove nearly 3 hours each week to take a live class with another Instructor even though I'd already been teaching for 6 years. 

This is still one of my favourite parts of the Hypnobabies program. 

Often, as the non-pregnant partner, feelings of helplessness, vulnerability, fear and uncertainty come up when a couple is expecting a baby. Partners wonder what their role will be, how they will fit in and be able to help. 

I remember telling my own husband "THAT is why we are taking a Hypnobabies class!"

Birth Partner Training

Not only do partners come to class each week, learning all of the valuable information but they get their own Birth Partner's Guide as well as a Quick Reference Guide for labour. 

We spend the entire half of class 5 reviewing the Birth Partner's Guide and role - making sure that everything is very clear and answering any questions they may still have. 

Partners get a cheat sheet outlining what tools are available for the hypno-mom to use & how they can support them (as well as which tools THEY can use themselves to enhance their partner's experience). 

They get their own hypnosis session ("Relax Birth Partner & Be Confident").

They can be part of the actual hypnosis practice at home - a great way to connect with each other AND babies! 

I can't even tell you how grateful I am that we took your class. I went from a nervous first-time dad to a confident and capable birth partner!


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