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Experienced Hypnobabies Instructor
2x Hypno-Mom

Why Hypnobabies? 

When I first learned about hypnosis for pain management, it's easy to see how I quickly learned about the use of hypnosis for childbirth. I started researching the options that were available. 

Different Programs

What many people don't realize is that there are actually several different program options now available to people who want to learn, practice & use hypnosis for their births.


I spent a LOT of time & effort asking questions, meeting with various instructors & trainers, researching, etc until I finally learned about Hypnobabies. I was instantly impressed, signed up for the first Instructor training I could and became the first Hypnobabies Instructor in Canada in 2009.

Read more about specifically why I chose Hypnobabies over other 'Hypno-birth' options.

After teaching for more than 6 years, I finally got to actually USE the techniques myself. I have had two very different, yet equally empowering, positive and successful Hypnobabies births. Read my full birth stories below!

My Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

Read About Oliver's Birth

A planned intervention-free home birth turned

hospital birth with interventions.


Change of Plans AND 'Successful'

My Hypnobabies Home Water Birth

Read About Evelyn's Birth

A planned home birth.




Exactly as I had envisioned it!

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