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Training & Experience

  • Parent (2015)

  • Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor (2009)

  • Hypno-Mom (!)

  • Bringing Baby Home Educator (2022)

  • Positive Discipline Parent Educator (2022)

  • Certified Childbirth Educator (2009)

  • DONA -Trained Birth Doula (2008)

  • Certified Hypno-Doula & Experienced Hypno-Doula Trainer 

  • Board of Directors, Doula Services Association of BC (2010-2012)

  • Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Advanced Counselling Skills Workshop - When Survivors Give Birth (Sexual Abuse, Previous Birth Trauma)

  • Specialist, painless childbirth (pain management techniques)

  • HypnoFertility Specialist

  • Mind Body Fertility Practitioner



I have been supporting families through education and teaching childbirth classes since 2009. I have worked with well over one thousand couples at the time of writing this.

I love delivering content and watching the transformation occur as people are empowered by knowledge. My years of experience allow me to teach using real-world examples to bring the content to life in a way that is engaging and often entertaining (so I'm told... I do my best to get at least a few laughs!). 

After more than a decade of teaching in-person, I have been offering virtual classes since early 2020: I am easily able to offer a satisfying experience using either format.

Curious about the me or the energy I bring to my classes? Be sure to Visit my Video Page.


+ Hypno-Mom (Birthing Parent)

I became a parent in 2015 (see below for more info on my actual birth experiences). After years of wanting to be a parent and lots of experience with young children, I still wasn't REALLY prepared for parenting. I felt like I had been thrown in the deep end: I knew I wanted to parent differently than the common 'Authoritarian' model I had been parented with but didn't know where to start. I also struggled with feeling isolated and overwhelmed in the early days with a baby. 

While I eventually found my way (& grew an amazingly supportive "Village"), these are the parts of my own journey that really inspired me to bring the information and tools to others: both the Bringing Baby Home program and Positive Discipline workshops fit in perfectly with this goal!


My husband and I sat attended a full 6-week in-person class when I was pregnant with my first child (6 years after becoming a Hypnobabies Instructor!). I've done all the practice, read all the material, etc AS a parent. I watched my partner's confidence grow and have experienced first-hand what it is like to really connect with both baby and partner while doing Hypnobabies. For both of my births, I have been excited (!) to give birth.

I had an amazingly empowering birth with #1 (even with a complete change of plans!) and then went on to repeat the entire program again 2 years later and had another awesome experience. 

Read About Ollie's Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

Read About Evie's Hypnobabies Home Birth

I am so grateful to this program for giving me the gift of having positive birthing experiences. I love that my children will grow up being told how much I enjoyed bringing them into the world!


As a birth professional, I am proud to have been attending births and offering emotional support to new moms/parents since 1997.  I am a DONA trained Doula and completed my Birth Doula Training and Breastfeeding Support course at BC's Douglas College.

I had the privilege of training with Penny Simkin and taking her "When Survivors Give Birth" workshop as well as the Advanced Counselling Skills. Penny has been supporting birthing families since 1968 and is the author of many books & articles as well as a producer of several birth-related videos.

I am a Certified Childbirth Educator and proud to have been the first Hypnobabies Instructor in Canada, a course I've been teaching since 2009.

I also have several years now working at a busy maternity (Midwife) clinic in Vancouver. This experience has been invaluable in understanding current guidelines, recommendations and offerings in our community.



There are many options when it comes to training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It was extremely important to me that I receive the best training available and I had the privilege of learning from one of the greatest minds in the field of hypnosis: world-renowned Gerald Kein, director of the Omni Hypnosis Training Center in DeLand, Florida.

Once completing my hypnosis training in 2008, I spent the next several years learning and taking many further courses in hypnotic applications.

My Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist training was completed at the Coastal Academy of Hypnotherapy. I am also a Certified Painless Childbirth Specialist, a Certified Hypno-Doula, as well as a Certified HypnoFertility Specialist, having trained with Lynsi Eastburn - a leader in the field of hypnosis for fertility and author of It's Conceivable: Hypnosis for Fertility.

I also had the honour of training as a Certified Mind-Body Fertility Practitioner with James Schwartz, author of the Mind-Body Fertility Connection.

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