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Birth Story Excerpts


We had an amazing birth experience, and an incredibly healthy and happy baby Mila born on April 12th. Hypnobabies helped me tons to work through birthing waves, and we used a lot of the tools. Both of our moms who were at the birth were really impressed with our 'team work'. Wow,  what am amazing experience!!! I'm so glad I did it at home, and with so much confidence. Thanks again for being a part of it!

I just wanted to let you know baby Shaedyn was born gently and naturally at home on Sunday, Dec 9.  Hypnobabies really helped to keep me relaxed through my birthing time.  My pressure waves lasted about 18 hours before it was time to push.  I can't say it was painless but I never once felt that I couldn't handle the intensity.  I went to my special place and listened to the Easy First Stage track over and over again.  Pushing him out was the easy part.  My mom was so impressed at how calm and relaxed I was during this time.  She couldn't believe I was smiling between waves.  He was down and out and in my arms within 2 hours.

Thanks for Hypnobabies!!!


Little Forest was born yesterday morning 9am 6 pounds11 ounces in our cozy little home. My birthing time started at 1am sat night and before we knew it 7am came around and my smart body started pushing. I could feel Forest's head (moving down) at 7:30 am & just in the nick of time the midwives came.  I pushed for a good hour and half in the pool and then he came out! He was in a hurry to meet us :) Thanks for everything!  
- Leni & Forest & Adam  (*Note: Forest arrived just 3 days after our last class!)

We also wanted to share some good news.  We are proud parents of our little prince William, born on July 10th at 8:21pm in our home!  I was able to have him naturally with very little discomfort and birthed him in our bathtub upstairs.  He weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 21.5 inches long.  He was born with a full head of hair (brown of course), grayish blue eyes, and a vocal set of lungs.

Wanted to let you know, too, that the birth went really smoothly. My midwife was familiar with hypnosis for childbirth, but still commented that my self-control was amazing. She could have just been saying that, but the fact that Mike overheard her saying so to the nurses at the nursing station when he was getting me some water suggests to me that she really meant it. ;-) Other than that last centimetre, when I feel like I slipped a few times, I was completely comfortable through the whole experience. There was never a pressure wave I felt I couldn't handle. Even the pushing was only slightly uncomfortable -- and this baby came out with her fist by her face!


Just wanted to drop you a line to announce our little one arrived! James was born at 4:49 pm here at home. We are so happy we took the class! It was a 20 hour labour and the techniques really helped us to stay in control and positive. It was a beautiful birth and we can't say enough about HypnoMamas to our expecting friends.  I am even interested in what other hypno materials are available for post partum!

From a Hypno-Dad
I also wanted to thank you, again, for the hypnobabies course.  Everything went so perfectly on the day.  I know that some of that is just nature rolling along at its own pace, but a huge part of it was also the knowledge and techniques that we learned in the course.

After our son was born, (mom) looked at the windows and was stunned to see that it was already dark outside!  She truly had been in a mental state where every hour felt like only 10 to 15 minutes.  When she got into pushing... I improvised a bit, and just told her to put her switch to off in between pushing so that she could release, relax, and save her energy.  Instantly, her shoulders dropped, the tension in her body disappeared, and she was able to regroup and concentrate for the work ahead.  AMAZING.


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