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The Baby Basics - Workshop



I created this workshop because of the sheer number of times my prenatal class students have asked me about how to put on a diaper or burp a baby... you know, the basics! I realize that many people have never handled a newborn.

This is a workshop that has existed in my head for several years and I have lots of exciting ideas for the evolution of it but in the meantime, I wanted to be able to offer something to new/expectant parents that will give them some basic skills and lots of great resources for navigating life with a new baby. 

In this workshop you will learn:

- Bathing, Burping & Recommendations on Oral Hygene

- Exploring Diapering Options

- Swaddling, Soothing & Sleep Tips

- Carriers & Baby Gear

- Nursing Tips, Pumping & Bottles

- Top Parenting Hacks & Tips

- Best Parent Resources

- Finding Support: Creating Your Village

Upcoming Events


No Availability


What: 1.5 Hr Workshop

When: Sun, Apr 2

Time: 7 - 8:30pm


What: 1.5 Hr Workshop

When: Sun, May 7

Time: 6:30 - 8pm


What: 1.5 Hr Workshop

When: Wed, Jun 21

Time: 6:30 - 8pm

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