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Why Did I Choose Hypnobabies?

Wait! Isn't it all "Hypno-Birthing"?

This is a very common misconception. And no. 

Other than the word (prefix actually) "Hypno", there are often very few similarities. 

I often tell people to think of "Kleenex" - even though this is often the word we use to refer to all facial tissues, that is actually just one brand. Hypnobirthing is often that brandname that's used to include ALL birth hypnosis programs. 

When I first learned about hypnosis for childbirth, there really weren't that many choices available in Vancouver. But that didn't stop me from finding out everything I could. 

I've always been someone who likes to know (& weigh) my options. Maybe in a way this is part of what really drew me to birth work. I believe that every birthing person has the right to know their options. 

At the time (2008), Hypnobirthing was the only "hypno" course being offered in Vancouver. So I connected with local Instructors (to ask a million questions) and even had the pleasure of becoming friends with the lovely lady who had trained them all. 

Then, someone recommended I look into Hypnobabies (a program that was already really popular in the US).

That recommendation -  the suggestion that I look into Hypnobabies, much like the first birth I ever witnessed, literally changed my life. I can still remember going to the Hypnobabies website for the first time and the excitement I felt when I was reading about the program. 

Then I became the first Instructor in Canada on April 13th 2009.

What Stood Out To Me?


There were (& are) so many things but I'll try to stick to the big ones: 


This was (and is) still the biggest one for me. 

I love the comprehensive, frequently updated, well-rounded (information taken from a wide-variety of sources) approach to childbirth education. 


See the course outline


Hypnobabies goes beyond simple relaxation or visualization.


The depth of hypnosis, the number of actual hypnosis tools; medical grade Hypno-Anesthesia techniques, eyes open childbirth hypnosis, deepening techniques, instant word cues not to mention the number of mp3 recordings (including 4 specifically *just* for the birth) simply remains ahead of anything else that I've seen.

Relaxation and visualizations are also part of the program, as are affirmations and mindfulness techniques.

Birth Partner Training

My husband and I drove 3 hours each week to take a full 6 week series with another Instructor (mainly) so that he could get the benefit of the Partner Training. 

Like many partners, my husband really felt intimidated by the whole process & didn't really know where he fit in. I'll never forget the moment, after Class 3, when he looked at me and said "We've got this!" and the relief I felt knowing that WE did (he had my back - I wasn't going to have to support HIM!).

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Instructor Requirements & Organizational Professionalism

Hypnobabies Instructors must have some background/experience or training in childbirth (not just hypnosis). All Instructors are closely screened before they can attend an Instructor training & must then re-certify every single year.  

What this told me immediately was that this was an organization that wasn't interested in just selling seats at an event and making money.

The women behind Hypnobabies (all birth professionals with decades of experience) work very hard in ensuring that no matter where you take a Hypnobabies Class, you will be taught by someone who is not only passionate & educated about childbirth but professional as well. We support each other, work together & focus our energy on promoting Hypnobabies (& why we love it) instead of degrading other programs. 

That was something that I knew I wanted to be a part of. 

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(What Exactly Makes it Different)

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