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Using Hypnobabies Again


Option #1: Repeating a full 6 week live-class series

I've been having more and more past students choosing this option (in fact, I've even taught one group with 2 repeat couples in it!). One of these couples tried to do it on their own with baby #2 and didn't see the results they had with their first birth so they decided to repeat the entire program with baby #3 to make sure things went just as well ... and it went even better than they had imagined! 

I've had several couples now enjoy having an excuse to put aside some defined time preparing for *this* baby's birthing (often, the first baby gets so much more attention/focus since, well they're the only ones!). Each baby really does deserve that same level of time and effort put into preparing for their birth though, don't they?

These repeat couples also find it a fun way to make time for each other again (often life with a little person can be all-consuming and hectic) & class can even become a date night with dinner included (if you've got good childcare of course)!

Option #2: Reviewing the entire program using your Home Play sheets

Your entire program can be reviewed on your own of course - as long as you're dedicated to reviewing your weekly Home Play sheets and completing *all* of the practice, as the program is clearly laid out each week in your materials. This is typically the best option for anyone who doesn't have easy access to, or reliable childcare. 

With this option, you can choose to do the full review either: 

A) Completely on your own

Your Home Play sheets have clearly laid out what practice is required for each week of the program. You can start with class 1 and work your way through the entire program this way. This could work well for anyone who is well-organized and self-motivated

B) With my support

I'm happy to offer you distance support as you work through your program again. I've done this now with lots of past students and it's worked wonderfully. This option is great for those who would really benefit from the accountability and having me lay it all out for them step-by-step. 


- Getting Started, Weekly Directions + Phone Support (as needed) $100.00

Let me know when you plan on starting your practice: I can also help get you organized and sorted with a practice schedule that will work for you. Once we have a start date, I'll be in touch with a "Getting Started" email before your first week and will then follow up every week (or more, depending on how much time you decide to spend working through each week of the Hypnobabies program) with email instructions for exactly what practice you're doing for the next week. I'll also be checking in to find out how your practice is going & will be available to offer phone support as needed to help you clear up any questions that may come up, for encouragement, etc. 

- Getting Started, Weekly Instructions & Weekly Phone Call $150.00

This works the same as above but in addition we will schedule a regular phone call (calls typically last about 15 minutes) to correspond with each week you go through the program so that we can check in and go over any questions you may have each week.

- Add 1 Private Session $150.00

In this session, we'll meet privately to go over any part of the program you'd like to review (+ Birth Partner's Guide) and do a full birthing rehearsal like we do in our last Hypnobabies class (where we review all of the tools, etc).

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