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Research: Hypnosis Benefits for Postpartum


Study Summaries

Faster Recovery

In a randomized control trial of 42 teenagers in Florida, only 1 patient in the hypnosis group had a hospital stay of more than two days compared with 8 patients in the control group (p=.008).


Postpartum Depression

McCarthy provided five 30-minute sessions to 600 women and found a virtual absence of postpartum depression, compared to the typical rates of 10 to 15 percent. Women with a history of postpartum depression did not develop this condition, even though an estimated 50 percent eventually do.


In 1990 the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee an Waukesha Memorial Hospital found that hypnotically prepared births had lower incidents of post-partum depression.


Harmon et al also reported lower depression scores in the hypnotically treated group.

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