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Mindful Parenting

Self-Regulation Tools for Conscious Parents



Definition: Mindful parenting means that you bring your conscious attention to what's happening, instead of getting hijacked by your emotions. Mindfulness is about letting go of guilt and shame about the past and focusing on right now. It's about accepting whatever is going on, rather than trying to change it or ignore it.

I want to parent differently than I was parented. 

We can love our own parents and know that they did the best that they could with the information that was available to them at the time AND we can want to do things differently. 

We now KNOW that 'traditional' parenting methods that use power, control, guilt, shame and punishment are not effective long term. The research is very clear on this. 

"Punishment might strengthen your power but it eventually weakens your influence."

In this workshop you will learn:

- write out steps

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon (2023)


* Please contact me if you would like to be advised when my next workshop is scheduled.

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