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Instructor Feedback

Q) What was helpful about your instructor's methods & style?

* Asked/Submitted via anonymous form

Jen was great! always positive and so passionate about Hypnobabies and birthing in general. Her attitude made the class enjoyable and her confidence in what she teaches and the birthing experience was transferred to me and i absorbed all the positive vibes.

Having Jenn as our instructor was most helpful because I could really tell that she knew what she was talking about. She has lots of experience teaching the class and draws from her experience as a doula and from the experiences of her students.

Jenn was very knowledgable and positive throughout the class. Not only is she a Hypnobabies instructor, she is also a doula with lots of experience, which helped her explain any questions we had about the technique, pregnancy and birth in general.  Thanks again Jenn for being such a great teacher! I can't wait to give birth and meet our baby!

I appreciated that Jenn was always available to answer questions. I also enjoyed her casual style and great sense of humour. This put me more at ease. I believe it also made my birth partner feel more comfortable.  My birth partner has become a big believer in hypnosis for childbirth due to this course!

Jennifer was tireless and was full of endless positive info and reinforcement. She was incredibly helpful and always had an answer/options for us.  She was also very open to other peoples opinions and concerns...THANK YOU KINDLY Jenn! We had a beautiful home water-birthing because you believed we could and showed us how!

Jenn was extremely positive, and presented the material in a manner that was clear to understand and interesting to listen to. You could easily see that she loved her job, which was wonderful.

Kept a good pace to the classes.  Very positive and enthusiastic.  Made the class really comfortable.  Was tuned in with the students and truly cared about us.  Just an AWESOME person who is totally passionate about birth - great personality and infectious confidence!

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